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Laundry Room / Mudroom

We Design and install beautiful Laundry Rooms And MudRooms

A functional laundry room or mudroom is very important because these two areas are one of the most used rooms of a home. A well designed space will minimize clutter while making your home more comfortable.

At Mid Island Cabinets, we have designed many beautiful, functional mud rooms or laundry rooms. Our designers will work with you and guide you in your room design. Our goal is to create a space that has flow and usability. We incorporate cabinets, counter space, and storage into these spaces.


For laundry rooms we have many options, such as built-in ironing boards to custom made shelving and cabinets. A well-designed room does not need to trade function for beauty. At Mid Island Cabinets, we will design and build your space that has both.

At Mid Island Cabinets, we design a mudroom so that it looks great and functions the way a mudroom should. A properly designed mudroom keeps clutter from taking over your home. It allows for storage of your coats, umbrellas, shoes and gear so as not to spill out into your other living areas. Because mudrooms access the outside and are used so often, they should also look great. At Mid Island Cabinets, we know that a mudroom can set the tone of your home. When we design and install a mudroom, we design the space with your needs based on how you use your home, how many people are in the home, room for guests, pets etc. We look at everything from the appropriate materials for durability and design to personal use to whether everyone using the space can reach what they need.

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